VMware Player - Locked Virtual Machine

Submitted by matthiaslink on Sun, 2013-02-03 - 14:38
Selection of .lck directories

Once upon a time..

..my host computer was crashed. Just at this time a virtual machine over a network was running (in VMware Player 5.0.1). The files have been saved on a local NAS and machine was running over network (SMB or CIFS). Yes it works quite well ;).

Anyway, as I restartet the workstation and tried to start my virtual machine a warning message appeared: "This virtual machine appears to be in use. [...]press the "Take Ownership" button". After pressing this button a error message will pop-up: "Error while opening the virtual machine: Taking ownership of this virtual machine failed."

A workaround to solve this problem is quite easy:

  1. Just go to your directory where virtual machine is saved
  2. Identify the directory / -ies with suffix ".lck"
  3. Rename this folders f.e. ".lck.old"
  4. Restart the virtual machine (could take a little bit longer..) by rightclick on virtual machine in menu and select "Play[...]"
  5. Test & validate if all is running well
  6. If all is running well delete the renamed folders

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