Printing with Canon imageClass MF41xx in openSUSE Leap 42.1

Submitted by matthiaslink on Sat, 2016-02-27 - 00:10
Canon MF4150 loves Open Source

Official Silex PrintServer Compatibility

The Silex webpage officially states in the FAQ that there is no device server support for Linux but anyway the TCP/IP printing over LPR, RAW or IPP is stated to be supported.

Official Canon imageCLASS MF4150 Compatibility

The Canon South & Southeast Asia promotes a suitable Linux Driver for the Canon imageCLASS MF4100 / MF4150 for 32-bit as well as 64-bit.

The support for the installation scripts are given for following linux distributions:

  • Fedora
  • Ubuntu

There are also well documented installation steps within the documentation of the package. Anyway the steps have to be adapted a little bit for the openSUSE distro. I'll give you the insights in the following sections.

Installation Procedure in Leap

The installation has to be splitted in 3 parts:

  1. Installation of printer driver (install .rpm packages) with zypper
  2. Assure connection to the print server C-6700WG with YaST2
  3. Printer configuration with YaST2

At least within openSUSE it is recommended (in reference to Michael Kofler's Linux 2013 Book) that the printer configuration is done within the YaST tool.

Installation of Printer Driver

Make sure that you install first the common package and then the ufr2 package. Else you'll get the message that there are missing libraries during installation process.

  1. Download the Linux Driver Package from the Canon Asia Site (see section "Official Canon imageCLASS MF4150 Compatibility")
  2. Extract the archive
  3. Change directory to "<extract-dir>/Linux_UFRII_PrinterDriver_V310_uk_EN/64-bit_Driver/RPM"
  4. zypper install ./cndrvcups-common-3.40-1.x86_64.rpm (yes, zypper because yast2 states itself that "yast2 -i <path to .rpm package>" is DEPRECATED)
  5. zypper install ./cndrvcups-ufr2-uk-3.10-1.x86_64.rpm

Creating the Connection

  1. Start YaST2 / and enter the printer dialogue
  2. Start the Connection Wizard
  3. Select "Access Network Printer or Printserver Box via" > "Line Printer Daemon (LPD) Protocol"
  4. Enter your IP Address (recommended to configure a fixed IP4 for your printer server"; e.g.
  5. Enter a queue name; e.g. "LPT1")
  6. Select manufacturer "Canon"
  7. Test Connection via Button > Result should be "Test OK"

Printer Configuration

  1. Search for "canon mf4100"
  2. You'll find "Canon MF4100 Series UFRII LT ver.3.0" driver
  3. Set an Arbitrary Name (in my case: "canon")
  4. Adjust "Description Text" (imc: taken as given by YaST2), "Location" (imc: blank), "Use as default"-Flag (imc: activated), "Accept Print Jobs"-Flag (imc: activated), "Enabled Printing"-Flag (imc: activated), "Default Paper Size of the Current Driver" (imc: A4)
  5. Press OK-Button

Now just "Print Test Page" and your printer should present you a nice printout.

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