Watching Horizon Go in openSUSE Leap 42.1

Submitted by matthiaslink on Sun, 2016-02-14 - 21:30
Horizon Go Press Picture (upc cablecom Swiss)

Due to the DRM logic many streaming services are using Silverlight plugin. In the market there are two relevant replacements for the MS technology within Linux:

  • Moonlight in the Mono project
  • Pipelight that is using a patched stripped down Wine version

Selection of Silverlight Replacement Solution

Moonlight isn't actively developed anymore so Pipelight seems to be the one and only solution at the moment that is supporting this more or less deprecated technology from Microsoft.

Installation of Pipelight in Leap

  1. Install the unstable 64bit leap package from home:ecsos:pipelight repository via "1 Click Install" on opensuse homepage (build is 1 year old but it still works)
  2. Update the plugin library of pipelight
    sudo pipelight-plugin --update
  3. Then enable the pipelight plugin (you can activate both in parallel, the newest one will be used)
    1. sudo pipelight-plugin -enable silverlight5.1
    2. sudo pipelight-plugin -enable silverlight5.0
  4. Evaluate if both plugins are enabled
    sudo pipelight-plugin --list-enabled
    "silverlight5.1" and "silverlight5.0" should be listed
  5. You should also see the Silverlight plug-ins available in about:plugins page within Firefox
  6. Evaluate if silverlight plugin works in general via a test page (
  7. Login to with your user and enjoy the live stream

Not sure if you need a restart at some point. As it seems it is necessary because yesterday evening I had some issues and Silverlight plug-in wasn't recognized by Horizon-webpage; today it worked perfect.

Further Reading

It's documented in the web that this solution in combination with the Firefox-add-on "User Agent Overrider" can be used for following streaming sites (not evaluated by me):

  • multiple languages

    • arte

    • Fundox

    • GooglePlay-Movies

    • LOVEFiLM / Amazon Prime Instant Video

    • MagineTV

    • Netflix

    • Quickflix

    • Sky2Go


  • Danish

    • Filmstriben

  • Dutch

    • Magister (used for school websites in the Netherlands)

    • Yelo TV

  • English

    • Sky NOW TV

    • redbox instant

  • Finnish

    • Katsomo

  • French

    • TV d'Orange

  • German

    • Eurosport Player

    • (Kabel BW / Unitymedia) / Horizon Go (UPC Austria)

    • Maxdome

    • Videobuster

    • Videoload

    • Watchever


    • ProsiebenSat1 Mediathek (Sat1, Pro7, Kabel1)

  • Hungarian

    • MTV Videótár

  • Italian


  • Norwegian

    • Sumo 2

    • Viaplay

  • Portuguese

    • Telecine Play

    • EAD Estácio (University)

  • Spanish

    • CANAL+ yomvi

Anyhow, I can confirm today that the "User Agent Overrider"-add-on is NOT required to watch the live streams.

The Future of this Workaround

It is important to say that it was already announced by Mozilla that support for the Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI) will not be continued (until end of 2016). The Pipelight plug-in uses this interface so it might be that we are facing bigger troubles in future in case the streaming services will not switch to another technology when the support will not be given anymore.

There is a glimmer of light on the horizon because Mozilla implemented Digital Rights management (DRM) technology in combination with HTML5 video via the Content Decryption Module (CDM) from beginning of Firefox v38 on. The bad thing is that Linux is not supported at the moment. 



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