Pair HomeMatic Devices with FHEM

Submitted by matthiaslink on Sun, 2015-09-27 - 09:35

The pairing process

FHEM will use and pair HomeMatic devices only when FHEM get's a conrete pairing-request. For that FHEM must be set with command set CUL hmPairForSec 600 in mode for receive such request. Same is valid when pairing ZWave-Devices.

  1. Start Command set SCC hmPairForSec 600
  2. Put HM Sensor/Actor to pairing status
  3. Check Log with refresh
  4. Rename the found device with rename <old name> <new name>

Proposal for logic of naming:

HM_ <prefix e.g. HM for homeatic>
DEV_ <german shortage for device e.g. HKT for Heizkörperthermostat, TFK for Tür-Fensterkontakt>
# <floor e.g. 0 for UG, 1 for EG, 2 for 1st floor, 3 for 2nd floor>
# <counter> (Go from entry of home and the northest corner here of the house in clock-wise direction and count the devices.)

e.g. HM_HKT_31

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